Clarify the process and act in unison——Zhongrui heavy industry organized a system and process training meeting


On March 26, the company's first system and process training meeting in 2020 with the management system as the unit-Comprehensive Office + Financial System Management System Process Training was held in the meeting room on the fourth floor of the company, and the heads of all departments (key personnel) were on time attend.

At the meeting, Chen Shirong, the manager of the finance department, firstly explained the financial cost management system from the concept and classification of cost management to how to establish and build cost management, and explained in detail the standard operating procedures for reimbursement and payment.

Pan Qiong, general office manager, started with "The Study Outline of the Nine Persistences", starting from each content of the "Nine Persistences" and asking the trainees on-site questions, and interpreting the "Nine Persistences" with his own actual work and insights. The core meaning allows everyone to understand more clearly the relevance and importance of the "Nine Persistence" culture and our corporate management. Afterwards, all participants explained in detail the documents such as "271 Mandatory Distribution Law", "223 Working Mechanism", "Medium and High-level Promotion Measures", and focused on the "Performance Management Plan", focusing on the importance of performance management Communicate on-site with goals and possible problems and precautions during the implementation of performance appraisal.

The purpose of this training meeting is to intensify the study and publicity of the company’s management system and document policies, make the connection of various system links smoother, and form a virtuous circle of PDCA business management; at the same time, it is also hoped that this will be an opportunity to let Zhongrui’s management links and Levels clarify the process, unify the goals, learn in place, and act in concert.